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If you’re wondering which states can play Cash Pop, you’re on the right page to find out.

Cash Pop is currently available in 14 states across the U.S. Although the rules of the game are largely the same in all participating states, some details are different depending on location. Some of these details include the drawing schedule, the wager and top prizes amounts, and tax calculations.

Simply select a state on the map below or select one from the menu to find out more about the Cash Pop specifics applicable to that region.

Cash Pop Available

Cash Pop Not Available



Joined: Jan 3, 2022

State Tax: 0%

With five drawings a day and prizes up to $2,500, Cash Pop is a new Florida Lottery game which can be enjoyed around the clock. You can play up to 10 consecutive drawings in the Sunshine State.

Florida Cash Pop



Joined: Dec 8, 2019

State Tax: 5.75%

In Georgia, the five daily drawings are known as Early Bird, Matinee, Drive Time, Primetime and Night Owl. You can wager up to $5, and win up to 250x your wager amount.

Georgia Cash Pop



Joined: Apr 23, 2023

State Tax: 3.23%

The Hoosier Lottery’s version of Cash Pop pays out hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money every week. There are five daily drawings, and a top prize of $2,500.

Indiana Cash Pop



Joined: Oct 27, 2022

State Tax: 5%

Kentucky Cash Pop is rapid-fire, with drawings every four minutes. Play for prizes between $250 (for a $1 wager) and $2,500 (for a $10 wager), from 5:06 AM all the way through to 1:58 AM.

Kentucky Cash Pop



Joined: Jun 2, 2024

State Tax: 7.15%

There are five Cash Pop drawings a day in Maine, between 8:30 AM and 11:30 PM, giving you the chance to win at least 5X your wager amount, and perhaps land as much as $2,500.

Maine Cash Pop



Joined: May 6, 2024

State Tax: 8.5%

Maryland got its own version of Cash Pop in May 2024, with four daily drawings. You can win up to 250X your play amount.

Maryland Cash Pop



Joined: Apr 14, 2024

State Tax: 4.25%

In Michigan, Cash Pop draws take place every 14 minutes and there is a top prize of $5,000 on offer for a $10 wager.

Michigan Cash Pop



Joined: Nov 1, 2022

State Tax: 3% to 5%

MS Cash Pop draws take place twice a day – a Midday drawing at 2:30 PM and an Evening drawing at 9:30 PM Play up to seven consecutive drawings, with a top wager of $10 per Pop.

Mississippi Cash Pop



Joined: May 22, 2022

State Tax: 4%

You can enter five drawings a day in the Show Me State – Early Bird, Late Morning, Matinee, Prime Time or Night Owl – and win prizes worth up to 250x your wager amount.

Missouri Cash Pop


New Jersey

Joined: Sep 30, 2019

State Tax: 5-8%

New Jersey was the very first state to launch Cash Pop. Drawings now take place every four minutes, creating more than 300 chances to win every day. You can play up to 20 draws in a row.

New Jersey Cash Pop


South Carolina

Joined: Jan 17, 2022

State Tax: 6.5%

There are two drawings a day in South Carolina. You can wager up to $10, win up to $2,500 and play up to six consecutive drawings.

South Carolina Cash Pop



Joined: Jan 24, 2022

State Tax: 4%

Virginia Cash Pop gives you five chances to win every day – Coffee Break, Lunch Break, Rush Hour, Prime Time and After Hours. Select the ‘Cover All’ option to get a guaranteed win.

Virginia Cash Pop



Joined: Oct 23, 2023

State Tax: 0%

Washington's Cash Pop has just one daily drawing and a fixed cost of $5 per play, but you can still win a top payout of $500 and eight other potential amounts.

Washington Cash Pop


West Virginia

Joined: Feb 27, 2022

State Tax: 6.5%

In West Virginia, there are Cash Pop draws every 15 minutes, seven days a week. The more you wager, the more you can win, up to $5,000 for a $10 spend.

West Virginia Cash Pop

Cash Pop is rapidly becoming a popular game and more lottery officials are intending to launch it in their respective states. The latest states to introduce Cash Pop were Michigan, Maryland and Maine, which all began to sell tickets in the first half of 2024.

As its popularity grows, it’s only a matter of time until the launch of Cash Pop Louisiana, Cash Pop NC, Cash Pop California, or Cash Pop Texas. We’ll update this page as soon as lottery officials confirm the introduction of the game.

Cash Pop States | Where Can I Play? (2024)
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