Cash Pop is popping up (2024)

Have you played Cash Pop yet? It is the latest trend in daily lottery draws. In some states, it's popping five times a day, and all you need to do to win is match one number.

The amount you will win is relative to the amount you wager. It is assigned and printed on your tickets at the time of purchase, adding to the anticipation and excitement of play.

Cash Pop debuted in 2019 with the New Jersey Lottery and was later launched in Georgia and Kentucky. This exciting draw game is currently live in 11 states and will soon launch in Maine. Although new games typically start out with a high uptake during the launch period, gameplay generally tends to drop as time goes by, but Cash Pop is continuing to attract sales.

How to play Cash Pop

You can purchase your Cash Pop ticket at your usual lottery retailer or online. Just choose which drawing you prefer to play. Depending on the state you're playing in, you may be able to choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 times per day. Kentucky and New Jersey hold fast-paced Cash Pop draws, which are held every 4 minutes. West Virginia has Cash Pop draws every 15 minutes.

Make your wager

Next, choose how much you'd like to wager. Depending on the state where you play, you may have the option of making a $1, $2, $5, or $10 play. Choose one number per play with a paper play slip, or if you're playing online, you can use a digital play slip. If you're feeling super lucky, you can choose the “Cover All” option. This means you will play all 15 numbers, and you are guaranteed a prize. You can also use Quick Pick to choose a random number for you.

Multi-play options

If you'd like to play the same number over multiple draws, you can use the multi-draw option. You can play multiple draws, though the number will vary from state to state. Simply mark your chosen number of draws on the play slip when you make your initial purchase or on the lottery app. You'll have a separate ticket for each drawing, even if you've chosen the same number.

Wait for the drawing

The number of drawings that occur each day and the times that they take place vary depending on the state you are playing in. You can check the times of the draws on your state lottery website.

Are you a lucky winner?

You can check to see if you have won on your state lottery website, with your local lottery retailer, or at LotteryUSA. Your odds of winning a prize are 1 in 15.

Where can I play Cash Pop?

If you're not sure of where you can play Cash Pop, here's a list of participating states and how many Cash Pop drawings they have each day:

  • Florida: 5 draws per day: Morning (8.45 a.m.), Matinee (11.45 a.m.), Afternoon (2.45 p.m.), Evening (6.45 pm.), and Late Night (11.45 p.m.).
  • Georgia: 5 draws per day: Early Bird (8 a.m.), Matinee (1 p.m.), Drive Time (5 p.m.), Prime Time (8 p.m.), and Late Night (11.59 p.m.).
  • Indiana: 5 draws per day: Morning (9.30 a.m.), Matinee (1.30 p.m.), Afternoon (3.30 p.m.) Evening (7.30 p.m.), and Late Night (11.20 p.m.).
  • Missouri: 5 draws per day: Morning (8.00 a.m.), Matinee (11.00 a.m.), Afternoon (3.00 p.m.), Evening (7.00 p.m.), and Late Night (11 p.m.).
  • Virginia: 5 draws per day: Coffee Break (9.00 a.m.), Lunch Break (12.00 p.m.), Rush Hour (5.00 p.m.), Prime Time (9.00 p.m.), and After Hours (11.59 p.m.).
  • Mississippi: 2 draws per day: Day (2.30 p.m.) and Evening (9.30 p.m.).
  • South Carolina: 2 draws per day except Sunday: Afternoon (12.59 p.m.) and Evening (6:59 p.m.).
  • Washington: 1 draw per day: Evening (8 p.m.).

Fast pace draws

  • Kentucky: Every 4 minutes.
  • New Jersey: Every 4 minutes.
  • West Virginia: Every 15 minutes.

Who is playing Cash Pop?

When it comes to Cash Pop players, the game has an interesting demographic. The average age of players is 43, most of whom are closer to 40 than not. This contrasts with most other draw-based games, which tend to appeal more to 50-year-olds. Furthermore, the majority of Cash Pop players tend to be male Caucasians with a college education and a higher-than-average household income. The most frequent Cash Pop players also tend to live in urban areas and have large families.

Why Cash Pop is so popular

According to Cash Pop's developers IGT, the popularity of the game stems from its simplicity: the fact that a single number between 1 and 15 is drawn at specific intervals, and any player with that single number is a winner. Players are also permitted a lot of freedom in Cash Pop play. For example, they can choose their prize level based on how much they choose to wager, with each prize being at least five times the ticket purchase price.

IGT's research has shown that lottery players, particularly the younger ones, are keen to look for ways to customize their lottery games. They also enjoy having maximum control over how they play. This makes Cash Pop extra appealing to these preferences, giving players more control not only over the prize amounts but also the odds and the number of chances to win. Players also like the fact that Cash Pop can be bought online as well as at their local lottery retail outlets.

Sarah Walker, IGT Senior Director of Draw-Based Game Portfolio Optimization, said:

Running these games across retail and digital channels via the use of IGT's APIs is exciting because it enables players to experience the games consistently and allows the lottery to upgrade game mechanics, such as prize table modifications and draw day changes, faster and more consistently -- program the game one time and make available in any channel.

Offering a digital Cash Pop experience enables players to enjoy the game wherever and whenever they want. Furthermore, online transactions have additional advantages, such as ease of use and increased security, and players don't have to worry about losing their tickets.

As the experience of Cash Pop grows, players realize that the game experience is more fun when they play multiple numbers simultaneously. IGT points out that the “sweet spot” is five numbers because it improves a player's odds of winning to 1 in 3. It also guarantees a minimum prize of the total wager because the lowest Cash Pop prize available is five times the amount of the wager.

If you haven't played Cash Pop yet, pop over to LotteryUSA and see what all the excitement is about. Good luck, and remember to play responsibly.

Cash Pop is popping up (2024)
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