Tome 18 Revision Challenge Completion Tips (2024)

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I know this is a little late, but there's still enough time to complete the Tome with the help of the easier than ever challenges. This thread is for tips to help other players complete tome challenges!

Revision has a lot of awesome cosmetics, so I thought I'd make a thread that could act as a compilation for tips to get challenges done quickly. I'll share my own in this post, but please drop your own tips for getting them done below!

A lot of the standard ones can be done very quickly, so I'll focus on the 8-shard challenges. Note: I don't have Alan Wake, so someone else will need to do those. Please and thank you!

Level 1 Survivor:

  • Core Memory: Disturbing Notions: It's easy to forget that you have this challenge on. Whenever a generator is done, look around for a white aura. It should be visible to you. Go get it, then you'll see an aura for where you have to drop it. Go drop it off, and that's it.

Level 1 Killer:

  • Caleb's Retribution -- Inflict survivors with Oblivious for 30 seconds while using Deathslinger and Hex: Retribution: I did this with a Hex: Pentimento build. All of the time that a person's hex totem is up, you're racking up time. I think this includes hook time. Got it done in one go. Another option if you don't have Pentimento is to use Nemesis (the perk). Just get stunned by someone who's not the obsession, and they'll be Oblivious for 60 seconds, which is more time than you need. Just remember to bring Hex: Retribution.

  • Caleb's Wrath -- Have the Entity block 2 generators while using Deathslinger with Dead Man's Switch: While I hate to say it, the easiest way to get this done is with the DMS, Grim Embrace combo. You only need to hook one survivor. Alternatively, you could use Pain Resonance and DMS, though you'll need more hooks.

  • Extra Speed -- Travel More than 16 meters without colliding in a single chainsaw sprint as Hillbilly while the chainsaw is in Overdrive: Find the longest open lane on the map, then either chase survivors until the chainsaw is in Overdrive, or heat it up then and there. Then, go to the lane and charge. It should pop pretty quickly.

  • Tag 'Em and Bag 'Em -- Hit 1 survivor while they are speared as Deathslinger: This is pretty simple. Just shoot someone, reel them in, and M1 them. Basic use case for Slinger's power.

  • Speedy Breaks -- Destroy a breakable wall with the chainsaw while Undetectable as Hillbilly: Billy does have a purple add on that makes him Undetectable 2 seconds into a sprint. However, you'll have to get the timing right. I used Tinkerer, and just charged at the nearest wood wall when it activated. Got the challenge done in one match.

Level 1 Killer and Survivor:

  • Glyph Pursuer -- Find 2 Green Glyphs: They're annoying to find, but remember that Green Glyphs always spawn in totem locations. Gens popping and hooks create new ones. Happy hunting!

Level 2 Survivor:

  • Core Memory: Disturbing Notions: This is exactly the same as the first one, the memory shard just appears for 5 fewer seconds. It shouldn't make much of a difference if you've already done the first one, though.

  • Machinist -- Finish Repairing 2 Generators: You only have to be working on the gen when it pops to complete this challenge. Being aware of which generators are being worked on helps a lot.

  • Glyph Caretaker -- Commune with 2 White Glyphs: Every time I loaded into a trial with this on, the White Glyph spawned nearby to my starting location. Still, I tried to know that the killer was in chase with someone else before getting the glyph and running to basem*nt with it.

Level 2 Killer:

  • Glyph Tracker -- Commune with 2 Purple Glyphs: It doesn't say this in the description, but the glyph's aura is revealed after you hook a survivor. Look for it after you hook someone and dash for it, especially if you're a movement killer. You'll probably at least be able to find its ooze trail.
  • Caleb's Watchful Eye -- Reveal Survivor's Auras for 30 seconds as Deathslinger: Every survivor contributes their own amount of time to this challenge, meaning that if every survivor is simulatenously revealed for 5 seconds, then that's 20 seconds for the challenge. Lethal Pursuer automatically completes this challenge. Bitter Murmur should also do it.
  • Incoming! -- Hit a survivor with the chainsaw after sprinting at least 3 meters as Hillbilly. Chainsaw snipes are one way to do this. I, personally, did it by catching a survivor who was leaving a loop to run to another one. Whatever gels best with your Billy playstyle!

Unfortunately, that's all the challenges I've completed so far. Again, please share your own tips for getting these done to help as many people complete the rift as possible!


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    Tome 18 Revision Challenge Completion Tips (2024)
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