Online PDF Editor - Free (2024)

Edit PDFs with ease using our free onlinePDF editor. Edit text, add comments, annotate, 
fill & sign forms then sync it all back to the cloud. Lumin’s tools are designed to make collaboration seamless.

Online PDF Editor - Free (1)

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Online PDF Editor - Free (11)

Google-integrated PDF editor

Cut time and tools by consolidating your online PDF editing process. Open documents directly into Lumin from Google Drive, Gmail or Classroom, edit them, then sync them back to your Google Drive storage.

Online PDF Editor - Free (12)

PDF editing made easy

Online PDF Editor - Free (13)

Easily edit PDF text

No more workarounds. Use our Edit PDF text feature to directly make updates to your PDF content.

Online PDF Editor - Free (14)

Sign documents online

Ditch the printer and eSign your PDF in seconds. Add safe and secure signatures and initials to any PDF for free.

Online PDF Editor - Free (15)

Merge, split and extract pages

Put your PDFs in order with Lumin’s Page Tools: merge, split, crop, add, delete or rotate PDFs in seconds.

Collaborate live

Invite coworkers to edit PDFs with you. Share and build documents, create secure spaces and form Teams to focus on internal work.

Connect with Google

Lumin is integrated with Google Workspace, so any edits made here will be synced right back to Google. Never worry about hitting save again.

Online PDF Editor - Free (17)

Cross device editing

Our cloud based software lets you work from any device without disruption. Use Lumin from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Online PDF Editor - Free (18)

Free online PDF editor

Good tools should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we provide common PDF editing tools for free: you can digitally sign, annotate and share.

Online PDF Editor - Free (19)

Online PDF Editor - Free (20)

Online PDF Editor - Free (21)

Online PDF Editor - Free (22)

Online PDF Editor - Free (23)

One platform for all your PDF tools

Bring work to life with our comprehensive suite of PDF editing tools. Share, edit and comment on documents in the cloud.

Edit PDF text directly without converting your documenteSign a PDFCreate a unique eSignature for quick signingBuild fillable forms to make paperwork easyMerge PDF filesCombine multiple documents to create a single PDFShare feedback, action items and edit documents in real-timeMark-up PDFsDraw, add shapes, text, highlights, images and moreConvert your Word, Excel, JPG or PPT files into PDFsUnlock a PDFGain access to password protected files in just a few clicksSplit and extract information into multiple PDF filesPDF ReaderOpen PDF documents on your browser, desktop, mobile or tabletMake scanned text readable and searchable with OCRGoogle WorkspaceLumin integrates with Google: use it from Drive, Classroom and GmailReduce the size of your file for easy sendingTemplate discoveryFind, fill and sign 5,000+ free online forms and templates
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    Click the ‘Upload your PDF’ button below, or sign up using the ‘Try for free’ button in the top right.

  • Online PDF Editor - Free (25)



    Your PDF will open inside the Lumin editor. From here, you can select the tool you’re looking for.

  • Online PDF Editor - Free (26)



    Make your edits: freehand draw, highlight, comment, edit PDF text and much more – all for free!

  • Online PDF Editor - Free (27)


    Save & share

    Share your working document via Lumin, sync it to Google Drive, print it or save to your computer.


Go from discovery to done with our library of forms and templates. We’ve got what you need to tackle any task: tax forms, contract templates, health and safety checklists, onboarding forms and much more.

Browse all templates

PDF editing for everyone

  • Online PDF Editor - Free (28)

    Online PDF Editor - Free (29)

    Teachers and students

    Seamlessly share and review lesson plans and learning resources.

  • Online PDF Editor - Free (30)

    Online PDF Editor - Free (31)


    Use advanced formatting tools and edit text directly to fast-track processes.

  • Online PDF Editor - Free (32)

    Online PDF Editor - Free (33)


    Level up productivity with executive-level tools, unlimited seats and a dedicated success manager.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Lumin free?

    Sure is! Lots of our tools are free. You can draw on PDFs, comment on them, add text, signatures and images; all the basics are covered.

    Our paid plans expand your toolkit: you can edit PDF text, redact information, create fillable fields and much more. Discover our plans to learn which one is the right fit for you.

  • How do I use Lumin?

    Lumin works on your browser, or you can download our desktop app and keep Lumin handy on your computer. We’ve also got a mobile and tablet app which includes our most popular features.

  • Can I combine PDF files with Lumin?

    Yes. You can use Lumin’s Merge tool to combine PDFs. You can also split PDFs in half, extract or delete pages from them, and put PDF pages in a new order.

  • Can I convert a Word document into a PDF?

    Yes! We have a Convert tool that allows you to turn other Word, PPT, Excel and JPG files into PDFs.

  • Can I use Lumin’s tools while offline?

    Yes! While Lumin is designed for the cloud, we know sometimes work happens from the ground. Just switch on “offline mode” and continue editing your document. When you next connect to the internet, your edits will be saved. Learn more here.

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Discover Lumin’s products

Collaborate with existing colleagues and onboard new ones with Lumin and Lumin Sign. Our innovative solutions work great on their own, but they’re even better together.

Online PDF Editor - Free (34)


An easy-to-use PDF editor that stands alone or integrates with Google Workspace.

Online PDF Editor - Free (35)

Lumin Sign

A digital signature workflow tool that seals deals with legally-compliant signatures.

Online PDF Editor - Free (36)

Lumin Sign API

An eSignature API designed to be plugged into your platform with minimal effort.

Join over 80 million users

Online PDF Editor - Free (37)

Online PDF Editor - Free (2024)
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